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Zief Family Foundation

artjr.jpg The Zief Family Foundation, incorporated in 1989, is a charitable non-profit organization whose main mission is to purchase housing and other type of facilities for persons who have developmental disabilities. After the Foundation purchases the facility, FHAR then utilizes them for it's programs and services.

FHAR's expansion of residential services was greatly enhanced with the assistance of Art and Dorraine Zief, their son Art Jr., and the assistance the agency received from the Zief Family Foundation. FHAR's residential services include sixteen homes and one apartment complex. The Zief Family Foundation purchased nine of these homes for FHAR that are now providing residential services and training for adults who have developmental disabilities.

The relationship between FHAR and the Foundation began back in 1988. That is the year when Art Zief, Sr began searching for an agency to assume the operations of the group home his son Art, Jr or the "General" as many know him, lived in. Art Sr. contacted the executive director of the state regional center that oversees all developmental disability services for assistance in locating a suitable provider for his son's home. The regional center director arranged a luncheon which is when Art Zief, Sr was introduced to Dave Curson, executive director of FHAR. That luncheon began the long-term relationship between FHAR and the Foundation.

FHAR assumed the operations of Art Jr.'s home in 1988. One year later, in honor of their son, Art and Dorraine Zief, altruistically formed the Arthur C. Zief, Jr. Foundation in order to provide more housing for individuals who have developmental special needs. Art Sr. had only one requirement, the Foundation would not purchase a home for FHAR's consumers unless Mr. Zief would be willing to live in it himself.

As previously mentioned, nine spacious and beautiful "state of the art" homes have been purchased by this Foundation. Five of these homes are state licensed adult residential facilities that were specifically designed to transition state hospital/institutional clients into the community. These homes provide 24 hour, 7day a week structured behavioral programming that emphasizes critical life skill acquisition. The other four homes are IGR's or Independent Group Residences, which are shared housing arrangements for individuals who graduate from the adult residential facilities/ group homes or for those clients that can live semi-independently. FHAR staff provide follow up support services based on individual needs to all those who reside in the IGR's in order to maintain their independent community living.

In June, 2005 the Foundation proudly announced the grand opening of the Zief Family Foundation Building. This building provides a permanent home for the Foundation and FHAR's administrative offices and Employment Support Service Program.


FHAR is grateful for the assistance the Foundation has provided our agency and consumers, and looks forward to opening more facilities in the future with them.

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