Big Trees SP 2005.JPG
      Big Trees State Park 2005
           Horseback Riding Sugarloaf Ridge  2002.JPG
     Horseback Riding at Sugarloaf Ridge 2002

Adventure  Club
2009 Activities
Past Activities

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Chauncey Tannyhill Lake Tahoe 2004.jpg
          Lake Tahoe 2004
      San Simeon2002.JPG
     Burried Alive at San Simeon 2002
   Tom Olsen  Catch of the  Day.JPG
    Tom Olson-Catch of the Day!!
     William Farrell Big Trees SP 2005.JPG
              William Farrell
      Touching Manta Rays Monterey Bay Aquarium 2002.JPG
Touching Manta Rays at Monterey 2002
;The Three Musketeers.JPG
       The Three Musketeers
;Kayaking at Clearlake 2003.JPG
       Kayaking at Clearlake 2002

"Every time I go on a trip it changes my life and it
makes me feel really happy inside.  I really like going river rafting because
I get to meet new people and I get to challenge myself and I overcame some fears.
I always have a blast and I love going new places.  I always go on as many trips as
I can because otherwise I wouldn't get to see new places"

- Tom Olsen -

American River 2005.JPG
        The American River 2005
         Cave Crystals Big Trees SP 2005.JPG
     Cave Crystals at Big Trees
Humboldt Redwoods 2000.JPG
        Humboldt Redwoods 2000
Hanging Out, San Simeon 2002.JPG
       Relaxing at San Simeon
Hiking Away.JPG
          Hiking Away !!
Lake Tahoe 2004 018.jpg
          Lake Tahoe 2004
Horizon Home  Humboldt Redwoods 2000.JPG
          Horizon Home 2000
Joshua Ho  Clearlake 2003.JPG
      Joshua Ho Clearlake 2003
Paul Schaefer  SanSimeon 2002.JPG
          Paul Schaefer
Yosemite 2003.JPG
          Yosemite 2003
                SMORES !!
The American River 2005.JPG
          The American River 2005